Andrés Letelier

Andres Letelier is an architect (Universidad Catolica, Chile) and Urban Designer (University of Sydney, Australia). He is currently deputy director of CREO Antofagasta, a public-private initiative led by the Regional Government, the Municipal Government of Antofagasta and BHP Billiton that has developed a city wide urban plan for Antofagasta, with a strong focus on public space, socio-spatial integration, environmental sustainability, community participation and public-private collaboration. This is the first plan of its kind in Chile as it has managed to bring together public sector, private companies and the community into one city vision, five strategies and a portfolio of over a 100 initiatives that should bring US$ 1.3Bn of concerted investment by 2035. This plan also includes a short-term portfolio to develop 15 initiatives and more than $160M of investment by 2020, and some of it is already underway. These initiatives include: an integrated urban mobility strategy, including transit and no-motorized modes like walking and cycling; the development of a 22 km waterfront as the main urban park of the city; the reuse of wastewater to irrigate and make feasible the aim to plant trees through the city; a waste management program to boost recycling and compost generation to improve soil quality in parks; the implementation of an energy strategy that promote solar power to light public spaces and schools; and the promotion of social innovation and entrepreneurship through competitions that have produced more than 600 proposal and 20 executed projects to improve quality of life and address the urban challenges of Antofagasta.