Fernando Fischmann

Fernando is an influential scientist and entrepreneur, whose innovations are generating high impact worldwide.

As a scientist, and with a biochemistry background, Fernando has developed and patented several technologies that have allowed changing people’s lifestyle around the world, with a portfolio of more than 1,000 patents worldwide.

Up to now, the main focus of the technologies developed by Fernando has been allowing building and maintaining unlimited sized crystal clear lagoons with excellent water quality at very low costs for recreational uses, using up to 100 times less chemicals and about 2% of the energy required by conventional swimming pool and drinking water treatment technologies.

The crystal clear lagoons have revolutionized the real estate market, improving the lifestyle of residents and providing them with beautiful views and a sensation never seen before. Also, his focus has been working in public lagoon projects that will change the lifestyle of cities as we know them so far. “Floating lagoons” is his latest and most disruptive innovation, which assures a new global revolution.

Fernando has now set his scientific efforts towards developing a wide variety of industrial applications that allow solving worldwide problems, such as energy and water scarcity, as well as environmental degradation. Some of these applications include sustainable closed-circuit cooling solutions for industrial processes (such as thermal power plants, data centers, foundries, and concentrated solar power plants, among others), heating and air conditioning applications, sustainable seawater purification applications for desalination and mining purposes, artificial aquifer infiltration purposes to mitigate drought periods, and water treatment for pump storage applications, among others.

Additionally, the sustainable closed-circuit cooling applications generate high quality hot water as sub-product, which can be used for other purposes, such as thermal desalination, drying processes of materials, residential heating, greenhouse heating, and more importantly for membrane distillation processes that allow water desalination without the use of energy, solving current water scarcity problems in the world. These applications avoid environmental damage and allow using large amounts of energy that is currently lost.

Fernando is currently a director on the board of the German scientific research institute, Fraunhofer, Europe’s most important organization for applied sciences. Also, he is frequently invited to be a speaker at important universities such as Harvard, MIT, Babson, Berkeley, among others.

As an entrepreneur, Fernando is the only Chilean that has received the awards for Entrepreneur of the year, Innovator of the year, and Businessman of the year. He is the founder and Chairman of Crystal Lagoons, where in less than 7 years from its foundation the company is currently participating in more than 400 projects in different stages of negotiation or development in 60 countries. His innovations have been covered in more than 5,000 publications all over the world, including important international media such as CNN, BusinessWeek, Popular Mechanics, Travel Channel, Reader´s Digest, BBC, Reuters, Fuji, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and Galileo TV, among others. Today, his multinational company, Crystal Lagoons, is expanding exponentially around the world with more than 13 offices commercializing Crystal Lagoons’ concept and technology worldwide.