Gonzalo Gil

Gonzalo Gil is the Vice-president and Head of Scotiabank Peru’s Corporate Finance group, leading the Investment Banking business, with strong focus on Debt Capital Markets, M&A, Project Finance, Infrastructure Financing and Structured Lending. Gonzalo has close to 20 years of experience in the Peruvian financial system, having worked mainly in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets teams of Scotiabank and Citibank. Also, he currently acts as Chairman of La Fiduciaria – leading Trust Services Company in Peru.

Gonzalo has acted as General Manager of Citileasing – financial lease company, and Chairman of Citicorp Peru SAB – brokerage house. Additionally, from April 2011 until early 2013 he served as CFO of Edegel (largest electricity generation Company in Peru part of Endesa/Enel group) where he also participated as a board member.

Gonzalo holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Universidad de Lima and has participated in various international Programs of Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Financial Derivatives, Leasing, Risks, among others. Gonzalo received the Execution program from the Universidad de Piura (PAD).