Ruben Morales

Holds a degree in Law and Social Sciences, USAC; he is an expert in Economic Development with over 20 years of professional experience advising and working with governments, businesses and international organizations in Central America.

His areas of expertise include trade liberalization and free trade agreements, regional integration, investment regimes and investment promotion, export promotion and services sector. It has been negotiating of FTA’s as CAFTA, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile, Belize, Cuba and Chief Negotiator of the Association Agreement with the European Union and the Central American integration process. Linked with the World Trade Organization, WTO and national counterpart.

Mr. Morales served as Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Program, PRONACOM; then as Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and then as Minister of Economy, pushing an agenda for the Economic Development of local production integrating with the international market.

He was Director of the Division of Services Sector in the Guatemalan Exporters Association, AGEXPORT, in order to achieve the internationalization of SMEs partner.

From March 2014 until December 2015 was Coordinator of the Institute for Social Progress, IPS, as a counterpart entity Imperative Social Progress and the Center for Knowledge Exchange, CiC.

Minister of Economy from January 14, 2016.